Digita and Kuusamo’s energy and water co-op EVO have signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of LoRaWAN technology. EVO operates in the areas of Kuusamo and Ruka, supplying their residents with heat, water and wastewater treatment services. The agreement covers the replacement of the water meters of EVO’s customers over the next five years.

The next-generation meters will transmit meter data automatically to EVO,  making life easier for the company and its customers alike.

”We will develop a service that gives customers information on their water consumption and lets them set alarm thresholds, which will help with finding leaks, for example. EVO can use the obtained data in the management of its network – a big leap from conventional water meter reading. The primary goal of building the system is naturally to serve our customers better”, says EVO’s Network Manager, Kimmo Viinikka.

”We are very excited that Kuusamo has made this bold move to promote the implementation of digital services in the North. The last year has been spent planning this collaboration for the digitalisation of water supply and municipal heating with EVO. Actual cooperation has now been kicked off in the form of system deployment and training”, says Sales Manager Mona Miettinen of Digita. The first LoRA-compatible meters were installed last year, and all meters in the area will be replaced by 2025.


Kuusamon energia- ja vesiosuuskunta, Network Manager Kimmo Viinikka, tel. +358 (0)400 689 099, kimmo.viinikka(a)kuusamonevo.fi

Digita Oy, Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, tel. +358 (0)400 721 700, mona.miettinen(a)digita.fi 

Kuusamon energia- ja vesiosuuskunta is a public utility established in 1950. Its duties include taking care of the area’s water supply and the generation and distribution of municipal heating. The company is a cooperative owned by its 4,208 members (12/2018).

Digita owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions, and is the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company is a provider of digital software and services. Digita’s services include telecommunication masts, data centre and IoT services, and broadcasting services for the future. Digita provides services to Finland’s largest mobile phone operators, internet and media companies, infrastructure enterprises and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 experts across Finland. www.digita.fi