Digita and the water supply and treatment company Kymen Vesi have signed an agreement regarding cooperation to digitalise the water supply. Cooperation began in 2018 in the form of a pilot project. Installation of the new, remotely read water meters began at the start of the year. So far, more than 2,000 remotely read meters have been installed.

Joonas Leinonen has been a development engineer at Kymen Vesi for the past few years. Leinonen was already familiar with a variety of IoT solutions before starting work at the company. “The water supply management industry has been under pressure to digitalise. The IoT solutions offered by Digita have presented us with an excellent way of developing our operations,” Leinonen says.

When it comes to cooperation between Kymen Vesi and Digita, the path ahead in the coming years is clear. “Water meters are being replaced with remotely read meters by area and in order of age. Our goal is to bring 20 per cent of water meters into our remotely read system by the end of the year. The transition is set to be complete by 2025–2026,” Leinonen explains.

“The practical benefits are significant, and we have seen genuine interest in this kind of change in the area. Remotely read water meters allow us to transition to a metered billing system in which customers no longer need to report their water meter readings. This also lets us get rid of balancing bills. Going forward, we will also be able to monitor the water supply network better than ever and reduce our environmental impact by cutting down on car journeys to take manual readings from our monitoring meters,” Leinonen explains.

Leinonen speaks highly of the cooperation with Digita. “Digita’s network has excellent coverage in our area, and we appreciate their regular communication and the flexibility they have brought to our cooperation. Digita is always ready to help, and the process has gone outstandingly,” Leinonen says.

“From the very start, Kymen Vesi has been building a service that offers their customers a better experience. Courage and willingness to try new things have shone through in their operations,” says Digita’s IoT Sales Manager Mona Miettinen.

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