Digita Ltd

From a communication network company to a modern technology company

Only a few years ago, Digita was tasked with transmitting radio and television programmes to everyone living in every corner of Finland every day of the year. This is still the foundation and matter of honour for Digita’s operations, but the Digita of today is also much more.

Digita, the communications network company, has evolved into a technology company. We continue to ensure connections for all Finnish residents, but at the same time, we are developing Finland into a genuinely digital society.

We enable a functioning digital society for everyone in finland

We ensure that terrestrial television is the most modern viewing platform. We develop the terrestrial television of the future by enabling an increasingly communal and interactive television viewing experience. We utilise the latest digital technology to provide media companies with new advertising solutions and ways to ensure future success.

In addition, we develop and provide diverse digital infrastructure services: our extensive and reliable IoT network helps us create the smart cities of the future in cooperation with our partners.

We enable a functioning digital society for everyone in finland

Digita’s task is essential and unique in terms of the security of the entire nation: we ensure that images, voice and information reach all Finnish residents – in all circumstances.

As a provider of comprehensive and independent digital infrastructure, we ensure that our customers can focus on their core business instead of infrastructure.

Our customers include media companies as well as mobile and broadband operators offering first-class content.

Quality and corporate responsibility