Digita transmits radio and television programmes to everyone living in every corner of Finland every day of the year. We also apply the latest digital technology in order to develop and offer versatile online television and radio services. In addition, our service portfolio includes IoT services based on our comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Center services. Our clients include media companies as well as mobile and broadband operators offering first-class content.

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Social responsibility is an integral part of business at Digita. Our entire core business is based on the unbiased transmission of radio and TV programmes to all Finns in the entire country on every day of the year. In addition, it is the primary task of every Digita employee to support the business of our customers as an enabler of diverse experiences.


Digital Colony is focused on investing in the next generation of digital infrastructure. The firm invests in the mobile and internet infrastructure landscape worldwide, including macro cell towers, data centers, small cell networks, and fiber networks. Digital Colony's strategic investments help meet the demand for digital infrastructure capacity which is driven by growth in mobile data and video consumption, and the mega-trends of cloud computing, big data analysis, IT outsourcing and e-commerce. Digital Colony brings together the industry and investment expertise of Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, and Colony NorthStar, Inc. (NYSE:CLNS). The Digital Colony executive leadership team has a history of successful operations in digital infrastructure across multiple platforms and continents. 

Digita has been awarded ISO/DIS 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate. Digita_Inspecta_ISO45001_1200x630

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