In autumn 2017, Digita launched the Idols application, which provided a large portion of extras to hybrid TV viewers. 

With the Idols application, hybrid TV viewers can vote for their own favourite from their couch by pressing the blue button on their remote control. In addition, viewers get additional information on the judges and artists, and the application provides easy access to the Idols video clips in Ruutu. 

In the video, Digita’s Director, Video Delivery Services, Teppo Ahonen, tells us what the Idols application is all about and what else hybrid TV enables. 


In the autumn, approximately 50% of active hybrid TV viewers accessed the additional Idols service during the broadcast. In addition, 60% voted for their favourite and thus had their say on which candidates got through to the next round. These are extremely positive figures, and they show the potential that hybrid TV has as the devices are becoming more popular. 

Hybrid TV programme cooperation

Digita is continually working with media companies to develop hybrid TV services that will enrich the viewing experience at the touch of a remote button. 

Hybrid TV has gained great popularity as part of TV programme productions and offers an excellent opportunity for direct interaction with TV viewers. In addition, consumers use hybrid TV services free of charge, which adds to their popularity. Below you can find examples of actual hybrid TV programme cooperation. 

Teppo Ahonen
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Hybrid TV and its extra features: Case Idols Finland