Vaasa Water and Digita have signed an agreement for the digitalisation of water supply, whereby the water meters in the Vaasa region will be replaced with remote-readable meters over the next few years. The process of digitalising remote water readings makes use of the LoRaWAN-based IoT network offered by Digita. The modernisation is expected to provide not only cost savings, but also a better overview of the water supply network.

“Together with Digita, we already started refining the concept of water supply digitalisation when IoT water meters were just being introduced. Digita can provide the most extensive and reliable IoT network for our needs – and together, we were able to create a dependable operating culture. After a successful one-year pilot, we started implementing the project at full speed ahead. We plan to install about 2,000 new remote-readable water meters in the Vaasa region every year,” says Jari Jantunen, Network Manager at Vaasa Water.

According to Jantunen, cost savings are the greatest benefit from the digitalisation of water supply. In future, water meter readings can be reliably fed directly into the customer information system, freeing up working time for other purposes. End-users will no longer have to pay bills based on estimates – invoicing will be handled in real time. “In the long run, we will also gain important information about any deviations in the water supply network, such as leaks and backflow. This will enable us to more easily ensure that everything is in working condition for our customers,” says Jantunen.

“We are delighted to be working with Vaasa Water. The different project phases have gone according to plans, and Vaasa Water has been proactively coming up with ideas and developing services with us all this time. We can now renew the water meters at a good annual rate,” says Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, IoT at Digita.

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Vaasa Water provides water supply services, the most important of which are good-quality domestic water and its distribution, as well as sewage and sewage treatment.

Digita is a provider of digital infrastructure and services, and is Finland’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions, is a pay-TV operator on the terrestrial television network and develops broadcasting services for the future. Digita’s telecommunications services include private networks, indoor coverage solutions, management services for rooftop telecommunications installations, IoT and data centre services. The company provides services to media companies, consumers, mobile phone operators, industry, infrastructure enterprises and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 industry professionals nationwide.