The spread of coronavirus has had a wide effect on the daily lives of Finns over the past weeks, and the exceptional situation has further highlighted the role that Finland’s television and radio networks play in terms of ensuring communications for the entire nation. Digita’s nationwide network ensures that all Finns regardless of their age and place of residence can obtain up-to-date information even in exceptional circumstances.

At the moment, the role of television and radio networks is important especially in relation to ensuring security of supply and reliable communications. The service level of television and radio networks is not affected by an increase in the number of users, which means that their operations are secured even in exceptional situations. HD television channels can also be watched in the normal manner. Broadcasting networks for live broadcasts ensure the quality and coverage of broadcasts.

“With broadcasting networks, we can ensure that Finns can obtain information in all circumstances, including situations where the internet may otherwise be overloaded. Broadcasting is the best option, for example, for live broadcasts. It reaches all Finns and is the option that loads telecommunications networks the least and has no broadcast delay unlike the internet,” says Pekka Mattila, VP, Broadcasting at Digita.

The role of linear television in Finnish entertainment is likely to be strengthened during the exceptional situation. Finns now spend more time at home and gather to watch linear television programmes. This development is supported by the fact that media companies produce for their channels content that takes into account the exceptional situation.

As the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunications masts, Digita ensures that image, sound and information reach residents throughout Finland. The countrywide network enables a functioning and safe society for Finns in all circumstances.  At present, Digita’s terrestrial TV broadcasts reach 99.96% of the population of mainland Finland. Approximately 50% of the people in Finland receive television programmes via terrestrial television. In addition, it covers most of the approximately 600,000 Finnish summer cottages. The utilisation rate of Digita’s television network is 99.99% of the time.

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