Digita is a partner of Putous Allstars, which premiered on Saturday 19 September, and thanks to Digita, the show is now available in high definition on MTV3 HD on terrestrial television on channel 23. MTV3 HD channel broadcasts started on the terrestrial television network on 1 September 2020.

“In addition to high-definition quality, the show incorporates interactive Hybrid TV services that we have developed in collaboration with media companies and which have been seen in previous seasons of Putous. In this season, Hybrid TV viewers have the opportunity to influence the show’s content and participate in raffles organised by the programme partner”, Teppo Ahonen, Director of Video Delivery Services at Digita, says.

Hybrid TV also offers advertisers completely new opportunities. “The Hybrid TV app for popular entertainment shows, such as Putous, is a great platform for advertisers to increase the visibility of programme partners. In addition to brand visibility, working with a TV show can also include strategic components, such as prize draws”, Ahonen adds.

There are also new concepts for commercial break advertising for different business needs. “If you have already made a significant investment into advertising content, you can add an interactive advertisement to your campaign at a low cost. If your advertising budget is lower, you can try advertisements which are shown to each viewer upon switching channels. These tactical adverts have excellent results. The combination of traditional television and online advertising works”, Ahonen says, encouraging advertisers to seize new opportunities.

Currently, Hybrid TV services cover approximately 600,000 terminals and, through them, about one million pairs of eyes. And the number continues to increase as devices are replaced. On average, half of the half a million Hybrid TV terminals are turned on every day, that is, 250,000–300,000 terminals.

Digita’s terrestrial television offers the most popular free channels, interactive television and premium pay-TV services. Approximately 50 per cent of households in Finland receive television programmes via terrestrial television. In addition, its coverage extends to most of the Finnish summer cottages. Of the households that use terrestrial television as their only reception method, 70 per cent currently have the capability to view HD broadcasts. Viewing high-definition broadcasts requires an Antenna Ready HD receiver, through which television viewers have access not only to the HD services but also to all Hybrid TV services available through the TV channels. The reception of channels on Digita’s terrestrial television network still takes place with the currently functional UHF reception antennas and systems. 

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