Äänekosken Energia Oy and Digita Oy have made a 10-year agreement on the digitalisation of the remote reading of water meters using Digita’s LoRaWAN-technology-based IoT network. The energy company, owned by the City of Äänekoski, is responsible for the energy and water supply of the city and the surrounding area. Äänekosken Energia plans to install remote reading capabilities on all water meters in the area over the course of the next few years.

“Digita, with its reliable pre-built IoT network, was the obvious choice. When it comes to network technology, we emphasise low power consumption, meaning long battery life and good reception, even in challenging conditions. Using the LoRaWAN network also creates cost savings, as it allows for the system to be monitored and for readings to be taken in places where it would otherwise be cost-ineffective to build remote-reading capabilities that, in addition to being more expensive, would also require mains electricity,” says Äänekosken Energia Production Engineer Atte Myllylä.

The benefits of digitising the taking of water readings will take shape once the new system has been launched. In the future, customers’ meter readings will be collected by the system in real time through the LoRaWAN network, allowing for working time that is currently tied up in processing the readings to be used for other tasks. Meter readings that are updated in real time also introduce more tools for tracking the whole water system, allowing for leaks to be detected and differentiated from actual water consumption more effectively. Billing based on remote reading improves customer service, as it allows for estimated bills and balance billing to be dispensed with.

“At Äänekoski Energy, we have tried to introduce the benefits of technological development in several areas, and this is yet another major step towards the future of water management,” Myllylä adds.

“We started our cooperation in March 2019 and, after a successful piloting phase, we went ahead with building the remote-reading system. We are very pleased with the extent to which Äänekosken Energia has taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the LoRaWAN network,” says Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, IoT Services at Digita.

Media contacts:

Äänekosken Energia Oy, Atte Myllylä, Production Engineer, tel. +358 40 720 1401, atte.myllyla(at)aane-energia.fi

Digita Oy, Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, tel. +358 40 072 1700, mona.miettinen(at)digita.fi

Äänekosken Energia Oy is an energy company owned by the City of Äänekoski and is responsible for the water management of the city and the surrounding area. www.aanekoskenenergia.fi

Digita owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions, and is the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company is a provider of digital software and services. Digita’s services include telecommunication masts, data centre and IoT services, and broadcasting services for the future. Digita provides services to Finland’s largest mobile phone operators, internet and media companies, infrastructure enterprises and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 experts across Finland. www.digita.fi