Mona Miettinen on how are IoT solutions changing water supply

“Water supply is becoming digitalised at a rapid pace. In Finland, dozens of water companies have already introduced remote water meter reading. Digita’s My Water Service has been welcomed by water utility providers, and we are constantly developing the service with our customers.

In the future, water utility providers will also be able to offer the service to their end customers, giving consumers the ability to monitor their water consumption. This helps us become more responsible in our use of water.

The digitalisation of water supply also means better preventive maintenance as data from sensors makes it possible to quickly detect problems that develop over time. The condition of infrastructure can be measured from an increasing number of locations using battery-powered, maintenance-free sensors.

Importantly, the data collected by sensors is then edited and refined by software and cloud services that can also be imported relevant information from external sources, such as data on weather and traffic conditions. At the same time, services provided to consumers become more common and versatile.”

Mika Flinck on recent and upcoming trends in IoT solutions for electricity companies

“Electricity companies are constantly looking for simpler and more cost-effective ways to develop the monitoring of electrical grids with the use of IoT sensors and Digita’s LoRaWAN network. Sensors provide information that helps extend the service life of infrastructure and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

In the future, more and more hardware manufacturers will integrate terminals directly with their equipment. Among electrical equipment manufacturers, ABB has adopted LoRaWAN solutions, for example, and in water supply, all water meter manufacturers already offer LoRaWAN meters.

IoT is already here today – at Digita, have been working with it for years. We have a wide range of terminals available, and Digita’s network covers the whole of Finland. That’s why the best time for going digital is now. We offer turnkey solutions quickly and cost-effectively and help our customers in the transition to the new services through all stages of the project.”