Season 12 of the Putous programme was aired on MTV in spring 2020. This season also included the interactive voting for Hybrid TV viewers that we became familiar with during the previous seasons: viewers could vote for their favourite character easily with the remote control for Hybrid TV.

This year, the new feature introduced in the Putous programme was a competition between two teams of actors that competed against each other. Hybrid TV voting during the programme took place based on trailers presented by the teams. One team would be given the opportunity to present a sequel to a television sketch and one had to prepare a totally new sketch for the next programme. The outcome and the content of this part of the programme was thus totally dependent on the votes cast by the viewers of Hybrid TV.

A record number of votes given through remote controls

Currently, Hybrid TV services cover approximately 500,000 terminals and, through them, about one million pairs of eyes. And the number continues to increase as devices are replaced. On average, half of the half a million Hybrid TV terminals are turned on every day, that is, 250,000 terminals.

Season 12 of Putous was viewed through Hybrid TV by a record number of households. During the spring, a whopping 40% of those watching the show throughHybrid TV actively influenced the programme content by using their remote controls for casting votes.

Tens of thousands of direct contacts available for cooperation partners

Interactive services, such as Putous, aimed at Hybrid TV viewers often provide attractive opportunities for programme cooperation. For example,

  • customising the look and feel of a Hybrid TV service in accordance with the brand (“voting service provided by brand X”)
  • logo visibility in the programme and in the Hybrid TV service
  • competitions, prize draws and other tactical elements.

In addition to voting, cooperation partners may be provided with other customised tactical elements and direct marketing activities that are used through remote controls. For example, Menevä taxi service offered the viewers of Putous a download link to their taxi app.

Viewers can use their Hybrid TV remote controls to easily and simply participate in the various tactical elements, such as prize draws and competitions.