Terrestrial TV

Terrestrial TV reaches households

On an average, Finns watch approximately three hours of television every day. Forty percent of households have at least two TV sets.

People watch TV at holiday homes, on boats and campers, as well as at home. In addition to traditional TVs, people are increasingly using mobile devices, such as tablet PCs, to watch television programmes. (Source: Finnpanel).

Digita’s terrestrial TV networks reach 99.98% of the Finnish population.


Digita operates as a partner to the customer and ensures that the customers can concentrate on their core business, such as content creation or interaction with consumers. The customers deliver the content to Digita and Digita takes care of the entire broadcasting activity from there. The customers will have Digita’s experience in engineering and use, and Digita’s strong technical expertise at their service.

Digita’s terrestrial television services are aimed at

  • The Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE
  • All television operating licence holders
  • Holders of short-term operating licence (broadcasting time a maximum of 8 hours per week or 3 months)
  • Those broadcasting single television programmes
  • Providers of interactive services
  • Manufacturers of terminal equipment
  • Other providers of data services (transferring data files and streaming)
  • Additional information:

    Teppo Ahonen, Director, Videoplatform Solutions
    Phone: +358 20 411 711 (switchboard)
    E-mail: teppo.ahonen(a)digita.fi

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