Radio as media

Some 3.8 million Finns listen to the radio every day. On an average, people listen to three hours of radio every day. The majority, i.e. approximately 96%, listen to FM radio. (Source:Finnpanel)

Digita broadcasts

We take care of the transfer and broadcasting of the customer’s radio programmes to the preferred target area. If the customer decides to choose our comprehensive service, the customer can concentrate on content creation and we will take care of the operations of the radio network.

With you all over Finland

Digita’s nationwide infrastructure and organisation ensure extensive coverage area and the availability of the service all over Finland.

Reliable technology and 24-hour monitoring every day of the year guarantee good audibility. In case of interruptions, our local repair and maintenance organisation and professional personnel ensure quick and flexible repair service.

Additional Information:

Henri Viljasjärvi, Director, Radio and Engineering Solutions
Tel +358 20 411 711 (switchboard)
E-mail: henri.viljasjarvi(a)