Digita's Data Center Service

- Safe facilities for servers and telecommunications equipment

Digita Data Center services offers reliable, stable equipment facilities for companies planning to relocate or co-locate their servers or other telecommunications equipment. The facilities are ideal especially for equipment that requires optimum conditions to work properly.

Tailored Data Center Units

Facilities can be leased for individual servers or by square metre. A turnkey service is also available, including planning, installation and maintenance services. Digita Data Center services offers competitive prices, flexibility and fast availability.

High-Quality Data Center Facilities

The facilities include fibre telecommunications and electricity supply backed with diesel generators and UPS system. The facilities are fully comply with regulatory requirements.

Equipment and facilities can be monitored 24 hours a day through Digita’s network monitoring centre. A fault repair service can also be included in the service.

The facilities are located outside towns in fenced compounds, providing ample space and state-of-the-art equipment. The facilities are fully secured with access control systems and fire and intruder alarms. The temperature in data rooms remains constant thanks to efficient air-conditioning, and incoming air is filtered to eliminate dust.

Data Center Pasila

Due to the high demand of site services, Digita has build a new state-of-the-art data center server hotel in the Pasila facilities. 

The new data center facilities comply with the strictest regulations and high international standards. In terms of security and technical spects, we comply with standards such as the European Commission's Code of Conduct on Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DciE).

The facilities are robust with access control systems and fire and intruder alarms. The data rooms feature a highly efficient transfer network. Our facilities are optimised in terms of power supply, room temperature and indoor air filtration.

The Benefits of Digita's Site Service

  • secure, reliable facilities
  • confidential, customised service
  • modern technology
  • several additional services 
  • Renting the facilities is easy and based on customers’ needs. Confidential relationships with our clients are at the core of our service, enabling us to understand the needs of each client and to provide the right solution in each case.

    Additional Information

    Fredrik Brunberg, Director, Data Center & Cloud Services
    Tel. +358 50 375 2822