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24.10.2017 10.50

Taloustutkimus and Digita to continue their research in the hybrid TV environment

In the spring of 2017, Taloustutkimus and Digita launched a pilot study to examine the possibilities of developing new digital services and research methods. Carried out in the hybrid TV environment, the aim of the study was to investigate how Digita’s hybrid TV platform could be utilised in research. The study has now been extended by one year.

”The study conducted last spring showed promise, and our aim is to further assess the method. In October, we will begin recruiting new panellists, and our intention is to increase the number of hybrid TV panellists from the current amount of under a hundred TV devices to at least 700. Our goal is to incorporate hybrid TV as part of our research tools at some point in the future,” explains Pasi Huovinen from Taloustutkimus.

”Digita’s future role is to provide an intelligent platform for Taloustutkimus to use in its surveys. As television develops as a medium, it will increasingly utilise methods used in other media for content targeting and customer service. Right now, Taloustutkimus is a pioneer in discovering the potential uses of targetability,” says Teppo Ahonen, Director of Video Delivery Services at Digita.

Use of hybrid TV services on the rise

Unlike smart TV, Digita's hybrid TV services such as Yle Areena, Ruutu, the Idols voting application and the Finnish ice hockey league results service are part of channel content rather than separate applications in a device memory. This means that, in addition to continuously updated services, hybrid TV enables a range of services to be connected to the programme flow, as well as interactive advertising.

From the perspective of developing new services, hybrid TV penetration is already significant, with some 160,000 devices now connected to Digita’s network. Digita estimates that this number will grow to approximately one million by 2020. Finnish terrestrial TV network operators have agreed on a transition to high-definition (HD) technology in March 2020. This transition to HD will significantly increase the number of hybrid TVs in the near future, as nearly all smart TVs of the new DVB-T2 technological standard support the hybrid TV feature.

Taloustutkimus Oy, established in 1971, is a Finnish market research company with operations in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. In Finland, we operate in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu. Taloustutkimus serves over a thousand clients every year from all fields of business. Our notable clients include major companies in the fields of media, export and food industry, retail and financial services, as well as public sector operators and foreign research agencies.

Digita Oy transmits radio and TV programmes reliably all across Finland every day of the year. We also apply the latest digital technology in order to develop and offer diverse online television and radio services. In addition, our service portfolio includes IoT services based on our comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Centre Services. Our clients include media companies as well as mobile and broadband operators offering first-class content.

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