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31.10.2017 16.00

Sanoma Nelonen HD channel to be launched in Digita’s terrestrial television network on 1 November 2017

Nelonen HD will be launched on Digita’s terrestrial television network on Wednesday, 1 November 2017, occupying channel number 24 in multiplex B.

Nelonen HD transmits the channel Nelonen’s programmes in high definition and is available without additional fees. With this move, Sanoma Media Finland is the first commercial operator to promote the transition to HD in Digita’s terrestrial television network. Currently, the channel covers 85% of the Finnish population. The coverage area can be checked at  

Nelonen HD is transmitted with DVB-T2 technology, and viewing the channel requires an antenna-ready HD receiver. The reception of channels on Digita’s terrestrial television network still takes place with the currently functional UHF reception antennas and systems. Most antenna-ready HD receivers retrieve new channels automatically. However, some devices may require the user to approve the channel search.

The television operators in the Finnish terrestrial broadcasting network have agreed that the free-to-air channels will all simultaneously adopt the DVB-T2 broadcasting technology that enables high definition (HD). The current broadcasts in SD format will end in 2020. Before this, many TV channels will begin parallel broadcasts, i.e., the simultaneous transmission of both standard and high definition channels.

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Markus Ala-Hautala, COO, tel. +358 400 549 023, 

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