Digita is owned by the First State European Diversified Infrastructure Fund FCP-SIF, the European Infrastructure fund advised by First State Investments. First State Investments is the international arm of Colonial First State Global Asset Management (‘CFSGAM’), the specialist asset management business of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. CFSGAM is one of the largest Australian-based investment managers with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, London, Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo and has €135 billion in assets under management as at 31 March 2013.

First State Investments has a range of product solutions to institutional, intermediary and retail investors globally across a diverse range of asset classes. These include equities, global property securities, global listed infrastructure securities, global fixed interest and credit, emerging market debt, short term investments, specialist direct property and direct infrastructure investments.

First State Investments is a leading manager of, and investor in, infrastructure assets. With a nineteen years’ experience in infrastructure investment, it is one of the longest established managers of infrastructure assets on behalf of institutional investors and as at 31 March 2013, managed in excess of €2 billion of equity invested across assets in the utility, transport, telecommunications and social infrastructure sectors in Australasia and Europe.

In infrastructure, First State Investments favors a long term buy and hold strategy for long-life, stable assets and pursues an active asset management philosophy in which it seeks to engage with management, employees and other stakeholders.

First State Investments has been actively expanding its presence in the European market since establishing an infrastructure investment office in the UK in 2005. The other investments of the First State European Diversified Infrastructure Fund include:

· Electricity North West, a regulated UK electricity distribution network;

· Anglian Water Group, a regulated UK water and wastewater business, and

· Reganosa, a regulated Spanish LNG regasification plant and gas transmission network.

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