Digita briefly

Digita is a pioneer in wireless and digital solutions. Digita employs experts in modern technology actively involved in developing standards in the field. This guarantees reliable expertise and comprehensive digital solutions for clients. Digita's organisation covers the whole country and offers high quality service 24 hours a day. Digita's clients include television and radio broadcasting companies as well as  mobile and broadband operators. Digita is a Finnish company.

Professionals in networks

Digita transmits radio and television programmes to all people living in every corner of Finland every day of the year. This fundamental task has created the basis for our other services in the field of wireless transfer of data. We offer our customers a wide and disturbance-free way of transfer, be it programme, sound, image, text or data. We design, roll-out and maintain radio and television networks as well as wireless data communication networks all over Finland. We also lease mast and device sites.

Our expertise is based on long experience in utilising radio frequencies, high-power transmissions and high masts. Our broadcasting network covering the whole of Finland consists of 36 main broadcasting stations, 151 substations, and dozens of transmission link stations. Digita’s Network Management Centre in Helsinki monitors the operation of the networks 24 hours a day.

Digitalisation today

Digital television covers now 99,9 percent of Finnish people. In addition to new programme channels and good technical quality, digital television brings the consumers new, interactive services. Digita develops and operates service platforms that are suitable for both the additional services of digital television and the integration of media and data communications.

Digita has been granted a network operating licence for A, B, C, E and H and D digital television networks which allows it to optimise the use of network capacity between the television channels and to offer capacity available for other uses and applications. Thanks to our Mini Licence service, our customers are able to broadcast their single or short-term broadcasts in the digital television network without having an operating licence.

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