Our customers reach Finns both at home and on the move with ease, confidence and cost efficiency. Solutions that are developed together with our customers offer new business opportunities in the existing and forthcoming networks.

Digita is responsible for national transmission and broadcasting networks as well as for the radio and television stations. The broadcasting network covering the whole country comprises 38 major stations, 101 sub-stations and dozens of transmission link stations.

Digita’s competent personnel construct programme transmission and data connections as well as other necessary technical solutions specifically according to the customer’s needs. The most practical solution is looked for together with the customer quickly and flexibly.

Digita transmits television programmes in its digital terrestrial networks. Digita is also responsible for the broadcasting operations of several commercial radios including Radio Nova. In addition to radio and television operators, also many companies and organisations in electronic communication use Digita’s services.

Digita’s services are available everywhere in Finland. The personnel of three service areas are responsible for transmitting radio and television programmes to every home of their area.

Digita’s Transmission Control Centre maintains and controls the functioning of the broadcasting network and the technical quality of all broadcasts 24 hours a day.

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