Digita’s Terrestrial TV offers customers a distribution method that covers the whole country, reaching all Finns through one partner. Terrestrial TV is a versatile, comprehensive service that allows the customer to focus on its own core business. At the same time, Digita will take care of all broadcasting activities, ensuring TV broadcasts without interference around the clock, every day of the year.

Digita and all of its personnel take care of the functioning of its Terrestrial TV network as a whole. Digita’s extensive experience in television distribution guarantees that it understands the business of media companies, which allows it to develop services that meet the needs of television companies. By combining the Terrestrial TV distribution that covers the whole country with Online Distribution, Media Management and Media Gateway services, Digita’s solution offers its customers a way to reach all Finns through different broadcasting and reception methods.

Moreover, modern advertising and analytics solutions offer media companies completely new opportunities for earnings with the media that studies have shown to be the most effective.

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Jani Saari
Business Manager, Video Delivery Services
+358 40 742 1491

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