Hybrid TV is a solution that allows a TV channel to make its internet services easily accessible to viewers. Currently, YLE channels offer YLE Areena, Nelonen Media offers the Ruutu service and MTV channels offer Katsomo.
Hybrid TV brings the features of internet and social media into television and offers viewers enriched and more communal contents. Hybrid TV offers new kinds of possibilities for television companies and advertisers. A television can offer a direct connection to viewers, it enables interactive advertising, and its efficiency can be verified very precisely with the help of data analytics ranging from the number of viewers all the way to cash flow.

Why Hybrid TV?

By building a consistent package out of the linear channel and online services, a TV channel can retain viewers with its own services.

For example, the channel can offer personalised video recommendations on the viewer’s TV screen so they can play the video by pushing a button.

How does Hybrid TV work?

A URL is sent together with every terrestrial TV channel. The television connects to the URL sent with the TV channel every time the TV viewer switches to the channel in question.

The red button feature and other Hybrid TV services are transmitted to televisions via the internet connection.

How can you view Hybrid TV?

Viewing Hybrid TV services requires a fairly new smart TV and a broadband connection. The services are available for almost all smart televisions sold in Finland and specific television models sold in 2013 and 2014.

Digita predicts that by 2020, approximately one million households will be able to view Hybrid TV services.

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