Customer-driven consultancy services

Digita offers its customers reliable and high-quality network services, facility services for technical systems, and first-rate expertise related to these. Digita has decades of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of large-scale, wireless data communications networks. Our experience-based specialist skills in training, consulting and project management are at your disposal.

For the customer

Digita’s consultancy services include data communications network planning, measurement, monitoring and maintenance services, as well as necessary consulting, training and project management services. We also lease secure and modern mast and equipment facilities for our customers’ networks and servers.  Our clientele includes mobile operators and various customers that require security-critical data communications networks, such as authorities.

We tailor our services with a close ear on the customer’s wishes and provide anything from comprehensive packages to single, focused solutions. The services are planned in cooperation with the customer to match their specific needs.

We integrate our customers’ systems with the operations of Digita’s network management centre. Our top experts monitor, operate and maintain the networks 24/7 at the agreed service level, and fault repair services can be launched anywhere in Finland at any time of day. Thanks to our unique maintenance organisation, fault repairs will commence where needed on short notice regardless of location or external conditions.

Evolving data networks

Mobile networks will continue their strong growth in the future, increasing the need for high-quality network services. Technology progresses constantly, and the next step is the construction of a 700 MHz network in parallel to the current 800 MHz LTE networks. As the amount of data transmitted in the network increases, more data centers are needed both locally and nationwide. Finland is a competitive location for data centers due to, for example, the inexpensiveness of cooling the equipment. Digita’s Data Center in Pasila provides internationally high-level equipment facilities in a secure and modern environment.

Digita’s diverse experience in the construction and maintenance of networks is a strength in a changing environment. We offer high-level services to meet future needs, listen to our customers and fulfil promises. With the construction of new networks, the need for maintenance, monitoring, quality assurance and measurements will also increase. The construction of wireless networks is affected by many factors: we advise our customers on, for example, assessing the impacts of constructing wind power and planning the location of wind farms.

Further information:

Henri Viljasjärvi,
Director, Radio and Consultancy services
tel. +358 400 649 125

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