Data Center features

Digita's Data Center features


Ensuring a secure power supply is one of the key tasks of our data center services. To ensure a continuous power supply, our facilities are backed up with powerful UPS systems and diesel backup generators.

  • All data centers have two independent power lines leading all the way to the racks.
  • The backup generators secure the electricity supply, even in the event of long power outages. This guarantees power for organisations that need 24/7 availability for their infrastructure.
  • A redundant power supply for each facility also evens out power spikes and secures a clean, continuous power supply for critical device environments.


The cooling system of the data center is based on the district cooling network of the City of Helsinki, allowing the generated waste heat to be recycled to heat properties. Conditions are monitored 24/7.


The cornerstone of our operations involves keeping our customers’ hardware environments secure. Physical security has been implemented in each and every data center so as to guarantee the safety of the customer’s equipment. In addition, a range of additional services are available for tailoring security functionality to customer needs.

  • Perimeter and object monitoring
  • Access control cards and keys (biometrics)
  • Recording video monitoring and access control system
  • Lockable racks
  • 24/7 control room
  • Customized solutions available for dedicated facilities


Fredrik Brunberg
Director, Data Center and Cloud Services
+358 50 375 2822

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