Digita’s modern Pieni Paja data center offers big opportunities

Digita has made a significant investment in its data center business activities in the telecommunications hub of Pasila, Helsinki. The new data center called Pieni Paja which answers the capacity demands of digitalising world is located near Digita’s other data center facilities and offers the quick reaction capability and low response times required by digital services thanks to its excellent connections.

Our new full-service, customer-focused data center in Pasila, Finland, at an international connection point, ensures fast and reliable connections to all Europe and Nordic countries while meeting the highest performance, 24/7 customer service, and sustainability standards. The low latency of the data center enables ultra-real-time operations.

Prime location and every data center service you could need

The unique location at a telecommunications hub offers excellent connections to places around the world. Also located in Pasila, FICIX – Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange – provides access to the services of all key operators.

Digita’s data center services meet the strictest security and availability criteria. The power supply of the data centers has several redundancies. The energy efficiency of the data center, connected to the City of Helsinki’s district cooling network, is first-rate. All electricity consumed by Digita is produced through wind power in the Nordic countries.

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Pieni Paja offers big opportunities

The Pieni Paja data center began operations in 30.3.2023. We now offer the opportunity to learn all about our modern data center and map its suitability for your company’s needs. Leave your contact information with us, and we will get in touch to tell you everything about how Pieni Paja offers big opportunities for your company’s growing data traffic in the future.

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