Digita's consumer services

Consumer service Digita Info

Digita Info is open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm by telephone at +358 20 411 7676 and by email at info(a)digita.fi.

From Digita Info, you can find out basic information about all of Digita’s services, of which terrestrial television and radio are the most well known.

Digita Info’s technical support experts are familiar with the following issues, among others:

  • Digita’s broadcast networks
  • antenna systems
  • audio and visual coverage
  • reception problems related to the broadcast network
  • radio propagation conditions
  • compatibility of different terminal devices with the services on Digita’s networks
In case of problems with set-top boxes, we request that you contact the seller of the device first. 

The following services are outside the scope of Digita Info’s services:

  • problems with and basic settings of set-top boxes and receivers
  • content and broadcasting of TV and radio channels
  • Equipment retailers, manufacturers and distributors will also provide assistance in case of questions or problems related to set-top boxes and receivers and the basic settings of the equipment.
Programme content:

Radio and TV companies are responsible for the broadcasting and content of the channels.

Call prices and recording:

The price of a call to Digita Info from a fixed-line telephone is 8.35 cents per call plus 6 cents per minute, and a call from a mobile phone costs 8.35 cents per call plus 17.17 cents per minute. The prices apply to Finnish fixed-line telephone subscriptions and mobile phones. Queuing for the service is subject to a charge.

We record the calls to Digita Info so that we can verify the service agreed upon as well as to assure and develop the quality of our service. Only persons authorised for the purpose may handle the recordings, and they are bound by the obligation of secrecy.

Notifications of disturbances:

If you have problems with receiving Digita’s services, you can contact Digita by filling in a disturbance information form (in Finnish). Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible so that the issue can be resolved more quickly. The information provided on the form is used and stored in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

You can also send a disturbance notification to the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority so that radio and TV disturbances can be investigated.

Antenna problems

If you have problems with an antenna installation, you can contact a DigitaPRO antenna specialist in your area.

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