Responsibility at Digita

Social responsibility is an integral part of business at Digita. Our entire core business is based on the unbiased transmission of radio and TV programmes to all Finns in the entire country on every day of the year. In addition, it is the primary task of every Digita employee to support the business of our customers as an enabler of diverse experiences.

We have three overreaching principles:
  1. we keep the promises given to our customers and each other; 
  2. the attitude of every single Digita employee is crucial; and 
  3. we know that we can perform miracles through co-operation and encouragement. 
Our responsible business operations are based on the way Digita employees think and act. Responsibility is a mindset that permeates through the entire Digita organisation. As a socially responsible company, we take into account not only the economic responsibility but also the social and environmental responsibility.

We are also involved in the domestic, Nordic and international standardisation in the field, and the development of standardisation. We want our activities to actively improve the conditions in society. These things lay the foundation for the Digita way of acting in our entire organisation.

The principles of responsibility

Economic responsibility

Digita's responsibility as a company is to operate profitably and develop its operations in the long term. Profitable operations guarantee a solid financial standing, which will affect the employees, customers and the various stakeholders. Digita is a reliable partner and supplier for its customers, a financially sound company and a stable employer. Through the long-term development of our operations, we generate added value for both our customers and owners. The economic responsibility is seamlessly integrated with social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

Social responsibility

For us at Digita, the most important aspects of social responsibility are customer satisfaction, competent and well-being personnel, and enterprise safety. The valuable feedback from our customers and partners plays a key role in the development of our operations.

The development, comfort, health and occupational safety of our employees are vital for long-term operation. Systematic investments in the development of our personnel is one of the key focus areas of Digita’s HR policy. New development ideas and initiatives also support development and reform. The occupational safety of Digita employees is of the utmost importance to our owners.

Enterprise safety will support the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives and business continuity by ensuring that safety risks are identified, assessed and protected against.

Environmental responsibility

Significant environmental aspects of our operations include energy efficiency, logistics, and waste management and recycling. We want to develop our operations actively in the long term in order to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint. The key principles are the principle of sustainable development and an environmentally friendly life cycle model, supported by our process-like operating model and management system.

Digita is also involved in the Green ICT project coordinated by the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics FiCom, challenging all ICT companies operating in Finland to join an environmental cause with the theme, “More ICT but lower emissions”.


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