Digita is a Finnish communications network company that transmits radio and TV programmes reliably all across Finland every day of the year. We also apply the latest digital technology in order to develop and offer versatile online television and radio services. In addition, our service portfolio includes comprehensive IoT services based on our comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Center Services. Our clients include media companies as well as mobile and broadband operators offering first-class content.

Digita enables the future

Digita's strength lies in its unique infrastructure and diverse expertise. Our unique and nationwide network is built to withstand inclement weather. Our staff knows our customers, the technology and their various needs and possibilities. We take responsibility for the entirety of society’s flow of information in all situations.

While safeguarding the connections, we keep our eyes and ears open to our surroundings. New things are constantly growing alongside the old. The media is changing rapidly. The desires and needs of people change. A new world, new opportunities - and new connections.

Skilled Digita employees will bring the sender and the recipient together. Together, we can make unforgettable experiences possible. A functional connection and a carefree customer are the results of our work.

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